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Lois OstrovAbout the Artist


Originally from Ohio, where I taught for 25 years, I have chosen South Florida as the physical place to further develop my art.

Curious about textiles, which was my first fine art medium, I began to research other techniques of the fine arts.  I found that painting, with collage added, provided the greatest opportunity for me to express my ideas and thoughts in a personal and creative way. 

As an artist my selection of colors and mediums depends on the atmosphere and surroundings of the places I choose to paint. I paint in a series.  The colors, forms, and textures depicted in each series are quite different.  The spirituality I feel about a place is an integral part of my work and has helped me develop a personal relationship with the environment I paint.

The vision for my work is acquired from photo references which I have taken on location.  The right blend of photographs enhances my feelings about a place and allows the construction of a perfect painting.

I invite the viewer to enjoy, analyze, and question my work.